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BLOG | 20.12.2010 | Updates & new programmes

To celebrate to the Christmas season we have renewed our homepage. The format is more spacious than before and there is more space for video clips and for other visual material. Hopefully you like the changes. Every month we'll compose a new video to spice up the pages, so it's worth visiting the pages every now and then to check what is available.

Just before Christmas a new Birdvision DVD called Ethiopia – an African wildlife paradise will be released. It is a long nature documentary, which was filmed in Ethiopia. The starring role is played by Ethiopia's colourful and unique bird life and natural environment.

A few years ago, this documentary was broadcast on the Swedish YLE channel and it has also been shown on Swedish and Spanish TV channels.

Among the extras on the Ethiopia DVD there is a list of the bird species which can be spotted on the DVD. This makes them easy to study with the help of the DVD.

From our homepages and Youtube channel you can find video samples of the documentary.

As a special offer for December all orders will be delivered free of charge!

Have a Happy and Lively New Year!




Petri Merta


The making of the programme took the whole of four years, because the subject proved to be exceptionally difficult to shoot.

Having never seen a nature documentary about the Honey Buzzard, I was keen to start this project. I was fascinated by this mysterious raptor and wondered what the project would reveal.

When I discussed my idea with my friend Dick Forsman, his immediately response was: "You're crazy – couldn't you invent anything more difficult?"

For some reason the Finnish broadcast company YLE was convinced by the project – maybe because of my earlier successes – and then the long process of realisation began.

Dick was right – I had been crazy taking on this difficult subject, but all mountains are meant to be climbed. From the top it was possible to see how far you've come.

The rainy summer of 2007 was so bad, that I moved the shooting to the following summer.

The next two years, 2008 and 2009, were also very difficult for the Honey Buzzard in Finland, and the numbers nesting were low and most of these attempts failed.

I was close to becoming frustrated for good and cancelling the whole project. Luckily the summer of 2010 was the warmest of the century in Finland, and the Honey Buzzards were finally nesting in large areas of Southern Finland after many bad years.

At last the project got its wings and everything went smoothly. The misfortunes of the past years were quickly forgotten and the summer of 2010 offered unforgettable moments of shooting the fabulous Honey Buzzards.

At last, in the spring of 2010, I managed to film the display of the Honey Buzzard, which I had tried to shoot for so many years. I celebrated the ending of the many failed attempts and the success of the last ten-hour shoot with a really cold, large beer :)

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