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  Petri Merta

BIOGRAPHY | Petri Merta |

Is a longtime wildlife and bird enthusiast, as well as a television professional, who has made numerous co-productions as well as customised programmes for Finnish broadcast channels. His programmes have been awarded certificates of honour and prizes, including awards at the international Tampere Film Festival and the international Maatsalu Nature Film Festival.

Nature documentaries have been sold to television channels in Sweden, Spain and France among other countries.

The high quality DVDs made from the nature and bird documentaries of Birdvision are created by Petri Merta, who is also responsible for their direction, production, scripting and screening.

The wildlife documentaries and bird programmes distributed via the Birdvision web pages have been produced by the Mertavision / Tv-Production Petri Merta limited partnership.



Dick Forsman

BIOGRAPHY | Dick Forsman |

The expert behind the Birdvision programmes is Europe’s best known researcher of raptors, photographer and nature guide, Dick Forsman.

The ideal guide to his thoughts and personal history is "A passion for Raptors", a wildlife documentary/portrait made about him.

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